/Anticorrosion Paint

A niobium-based paint, protected by international patent, promises to radically reduce the costs of the industries in the fight against the corrosion of materials used in their equipment.   

The coating developed by Coppe is especially useful for chemical and oil industries, which need to use special steel, which are very expensive and not always efficient, to avoid leaking.   

Three Methods

Brazil has the largest reserves of niobium in the world. Niobium is a metal with low reactivity. With the application of niobium-based coatings, the industry can use common steel in several applications. 

Coppe has developed three different methods to use niobium in anticorrosive coatings. The paint pigmented with niobium can be cold applied where the equipment is used. The method of thermal aspersion consists of applying the niobium oxide heated at 300ºC with the use of a thermal spray. It can also be applied where the oil is extracted or refined. The third method consists of industrial production of steel plates that are already coated with niobium. The advantage is that this method can be applied on a massive scale.