GloVe – Global Video Environment – is a system used to distribute digital video on demand and in great scale, which makes it possible to display the high-definition videos on computer screens. The new technology of video management and sharing is capable of serving a limited number of people simultaneously, with individualized display and without saturating the transmission capacity.


This technology can be installed in local networks and on the internet. It has a lower cost. In the current market, the technology of video on demand and in great scale is based on hardware solutions, whereas GloVe is a solution that is entirely created in software, which reduces in 100 to 200 times the investment costs per client, in comparison to the solutions available in the market. It also has the advantage of inhibiting piracy, providing more safety to the content supplier. It has a trustable transmission. GloVe reduces the quantity of traffic generated in the communication network. In case of local networks, for example, the video usually is hosted in the central server. If many people access the content simultaneously, the transmission usually gets slow or is even interrupted. With GloVe, these problems are virtually eliminated, because the system recycles the flow and redistributes the content for the users.


The product is already being marketed by the company BrStreams, which is Coppe’s incubator. The company’s clients are film distributors, TV networks that distribute content on the internet and educational institutions that offer online courses.