Coppe encompasses 13 graduate academic programs, all of them delivering master´s and doctoral degrees. It is the Brazilian Graduate School in engineering best evaluated, boasting the biggest number of maximum grades (6 and 7 at CAPES assessment Scale) amongst its congeners. That level of excellence is considered to be equivalent to programs with outstanding academic performance found in the most prominent universities and research centers across the world.



/ How to enroll at COPPE


/ Interdisciplinary Areas 

Each department has its own enrollment schedule and specific requirements.


Coppe offers three courses in interdisciplinary areas: High Performance Computing, Environmental Engineering and Technology for Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas.

/ Integration with Undergraduate studies 




/ Optional Courses 

The Polytechnic School students may attend graduate disciplines while they are still in Undergraduate courses, shortening the period expected to the Master´s conclusion.
Coppe offers courses in "Applied Mathematics and Computation in Engineering (intensive course)" and "Scientific Methodology and Research Ethics".