/Specialization (Postgraduate lato sensu studies)

Coppe offers seven postgraduate lato sensu postgraduate programs (level of specialization).


EMO –  Postgraduation in Marine and Offshore Engineering
Phones: 3938-8715 / 3938-8738
E-mail:  labeco@oceanica.ufrj.br
Website: https://labeco.oceanica.ufrj.br/cursos/emo


ESFO – Post-graduation in Offshore Floating Systems Engineering
Phones: 3938-8715 / 3938-8738
E-mail:  labeco@oceanica.ufrj.br
Website: https://labeco.oceanica.ufrj.br/cursos/esfo


MBKM – Postgraduating in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
Phone: 3942-7843
E-mail: mbkm@crie.ufrj.br
Website: http://portal.crie.coppe.ufrj.br


MBS – Executive Postgraduation in Management of Naval and Offshore Construction Enterprises

Phones: 3938-8274
E-mail: mbs@peno.coppe.ufrj.br
Website: http://www.oceanica.ufrj.br/mbs


MFP –MBA in Engineering Planning 
Phones: 3938-8286
E-mail: cosenza@pep.ufrj.br
Website: http://www.producao.ufrj.br/curso_MBA.htm


MSO – Post-Graduation in Offshore Systems
Phones: 3938-8715 / 3938-8738
E-mail:  labeco@oceanica.ufrj.br
Website: https://labeco.oceanica.ufrj.br/cursos/mso/

SAPEP – Postgraduation in Safety Engineering applied to E & P Projects
Phones: 3938-8715 / 3938-8738
E-mail:  labeco@oceanica.ufrj.br
Website: https://labeco.oceanica.ufrj.br/cursos/sapep