/Intellectual Property

The protection of knowledge is a necessity in order to ensure the rights to explore and use technologies, processes and products resulting from financial contributions to scientific and technological development. The protected knowledge in the form of a patent or trademark may generate royalties arising from the licensing of the respective products, processes, software and trademarks.

The first patent applications at Coppe date back to the 1980s. Applications were made by researchers who were already concerned with securing their rights over products and processes generated in their research activities.

During the last decade, the institution has witnessed a significant increase in the number of patent applications for products, processes, software and trademarks. In September of 2014, the institution already counted 125 patented products and processes and 15 software registered in different knowledge protection systems, in particular at the INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property.

This advance is due to the support and encouragement measures for the preservation of intellectual property adopted by Coppe. The Office of the Director for Technology and Innovation, the Coppetec Foundation and the Innovation Agency of the UFRJ, which owns the technologies generated, work alongside in this regard.

The Coppetec Foundation provides to the researchers who takes part in the projects managed by it with the indispensable technical, operational, legal and financial support during the entire process of preparing and submitting applications for patents and registrations.