/ COPPE Technologies

By spreading academic knowledge, Coppe carries out several researches and projects to deliver results to society through consolidated technologies in order to enter the market. Get to know some of these technologies, which are already protected by Intellectual Property Rights.    



GloVe – Global Video Environment – is a system used to distribute digital video on demand and in great scale, which makes it possible to display the high-definition videos on computer screens.

A new type of pipeline, consists of two steel layers, with a polymeric material between these layers, will help the exploitation of the pre-salt reserves.

Coppe has patented the use of sugarcane bagasse ashes, a residue from the production of sugar and alcohol, as a partial substitute for cement.

A portable system capable of identifying the period when a picture was painted, the composition of the colors used by the artist and the existence of retouches and potential falsifications

H2+2 is a hybrid bus driven by electric power obtained through a battery supplied by the grid and supplemented with energy produced aboard, by means of hydrogen fuel cells. The vehicle was launched during the Rio+20

A niobium-based paint, protected by international patent, promises to radically reduce the costs of the industries in the fight against the corrosion of materials used in their equipment.

The production process for polymers that transport medication directly to the abnormal cells will reduce the cost of cutting-edge treatments for patients with cancer and schistosomiasis

The first wave power plant in Latin America was tested in the Port of Pecém, in the state of Ceará.

A compact and light train without wheels that levitates silently over rails. Its construction does not require significant and expensive civil works such as those necessary to build subways and conventional trains

Luma, the robot developed by Coppe, is able to travel through long and narrow underwater tunnels, where divers cannot reach.