Coppe was created with the goal to develop the science of engineering in Brazil. Its graduate programs confer masters and doctorate degrees in Engineering and have effectively contributed to increase the boundaries of knowledge in that area.

Innovation – the transformation of science into something socially valuable - is a goal that has always accompanied Coppe since its creation. It is not enough to generate knowledge. Coppe is a pioneer in Brazil in the relationship with companies, encouraging the development of new technologies and products, and stimulating its students, researchers and technicians to become more of entrepreneurs.

Coppe is home to start-ups, in its incubators of technology-based companies and popular cooperatives, and is one of the institutions accredited by the Brazilian Company for Research and Industrial Innovation (Embrapii). It contributed to the creation of the Science Park of the UFRJ, in the University City, inaugurating in 2003 LabOceano, which was the first facility on the site.



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